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The Woman Next Door – A Short Story of Sexual Abuse

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I was happy that day as I met with some of my close friends from school. They came to meet me in my college. I entoured them through the college and showed them everything and every place that was worth watching. We discussed so many things about our lives, the people around us and the old memories that we spent together. The whole day we roamed and ate a lot. In the evening they decided to head back to the main city to board a bus from there to their final destinations. I wanted to spend few more moments with them so I accompanied them to the city from my college.

We borrowed a bus from the college gate and kept chattering even in the bus. Finally after waving them goodbye, I boarded a bus back to my college. I was lost into the day’s timeline, rewinding our talks and the jokes that we cracked on each other. A lady occupied the seat beside me. I was tired, so decided to take a nap while we reach back to the campus.

Almost every woman of every religion, caste and status, get abused by a man everywhere possible. A short story of one such experience.

I was completely lost in my dreams that I didn’t even realize that the bus had travelled almost all the way. Suddenly I was woke up by an uncomfortable poking on my abdominal obliques. As I gained my consciousness, I noticed that the bus was almost empty and only 3-4 people were sitting in there included me and a weird man sitting beside me. I was surprised to see him there, as the bus was almost empty and there were many seats where he could have been seated. I felt weird and uneasy. Also the bus driver and conductor were looking at me and laughing, I didn’t know why but everything seemed to be really awkward. I regained my consciousness and ignored everything. Again I felt as if the person sitting beside poked me and started coming closer to me. The weirdness of the moment rose to a peak.

The wicked laughter of the driver-conductor, the emptiness of the bus and the weird man sitting beside me were annoying me now. I was literally disgusted by all of those men. I literally wanted to slap them all.

And then the weird man again tried to poke me. I was finally fed up of all that and busted out at him with all the volume that I had. With extreme outrage and anger in my face I was about to slap him when he stood up and ran away to change his seat. I kept staring at him and at those awkward driver-conductor duos, with all my anger. They at once stopped laughing and their faces dropped to a serious mode. When the weird man saw my outraged face, he immediately asked the conductor to stop the bus. He was literally frightened by seeing me in Kali avatar, so he tried to flee away from the bus.

I kept staring at the driver and conductor in anger until I reached the campus. The moment I climbed down the bus, I felt a strong chill in whole of my body. I felt a little relaxed but at the same time extremely horrified by that event. I wanted to cry and shout aloud to relieve myself from that distress. I regretted the moment when I slept, cursed myself for being so sleepy. The whole day that I spent happily and positively was ruined by a few obscene men who not even once regretted their inhumane behaviour.

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Almost every woman of every religion, caste and status, get abused by a man everywhere possible. A short story of one such experience.

That was not the only moment when I got abused or harassed by a man nor these kind of incidents happened only with me. Almost every woman or a girl from my friends, sisters, mother, neighbours to the unknown women out in the world of every religion, caste and status, get abused by a man in a crowded bus, train, public areas, in their localities and everywhere possible. Even I have not met with a single woman yet who said that she was not abused at all in her entire life. But why? Why almost every woman is a bait of a man’s desire? Why do men seek opportunities to harass a woman? Why they try to satisfy their stupid desires by distressing someone else? Why don’t they stop? Why they are not aware about their inhumane actions?

May be because they think that woman is just for their entertainments or they might have been taught from their childhood that men have right to do whatever they want. That’s why they are ignorant. They don’t care about anybody else’s feelings; all they care about is that they had to satisfy themselves. But whose mistake it is? Could it be because of the men who did everything they want without any fight back; or the environment in which they were brought up whether it is around their parents or friends or teachers; or could it be the education system that failed to actually educate them.

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But what we woman can do? How can we stop these cheap people? By ignoring them, so that they do not harm us more or by exposing them and teaching them an appropriate lesson. The former one was taught to me by the society where I live. But I totally denied that method. Earlier in my childhood and through my teenage, I got harassed many times. You see small girls and teenagers are these mockers favourite preys because they don’t have idea how to react and whom they had to tell about that all. So, was the case with me. But as time passed, I learnt a very important lesson from all those experiences, that the second option is a must do.

If we, the preys, let those mockers know that what they are doing is wrong, then only we could stop them. We need to defend ourselves, show our outrage and tell them that we are not just delicate blossoms of a plant that they can easily pluck and destroy. We are the thorns too who can protect ourselves fully and prick into the trespassers to teach them a lesson, so that they could never ever think again try to exceed their limits.

If we woman can maintain decorum, why can’t a man. I know all men are not the same. There are many who are descent and gentle, but still there exists a majority of them who have, at one time or the other embarrassed or harassed or abused or molested a girl.

Why can’t they understand that we feel extremely bad when someone stare at us, we feel offended when someone stare at our private parts, we feel abused when someone tries to touch us purposely without our consent, we literally feel suppressed when someone instead of helping us just laughs and enjoys the moment when we are being abused, and we feel to end everything when the society declare us the culprits and instead of punishing the culprits judge us on the basis of our clothes and inattentiveness.

Are the woman the culprits? Yes we are, because we let them all judge us, suppress us and let them laugh at us. And when will the day come when there will be no abuse. It will only happen when we will respect ourselves and offend our dignity.


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