What does our temples stand for?

Some days ago I went to a Himalayan town named Solan along with my friends. While sitting in the bus and travelling to the town, I observed many pyramidal shaped hills or mountains (I have observed same type of mountains in almost everywhere in Himachal). At the top of those mountains, a temple has been constructed (most of them are 100s of years old). According to my research and some scientific recommendations, the pyramidal shaped structures are full of energy and cosmic power. In reference to Graham Hancock’s work, he too referred to the Great Pyramids of Giza and the pyramidal shapes as energy generators.

In reference to Graham Hancock’s work, he too referred to the Great Pyramids of Giza and the pyramidal shapes as energy generators.


These areas are the focal point which converges earth’s energy to a point from where the living beings can harness it for growing their consciousness and energy fields or auras. So, we can surely say that our ancestors were very intelligent and advanced beings.  They built temples atop of almost every such kind of pyramidal mountain so that the energy fields could be harnessed positively and not negatively. This fact is definitely very interesting and logical.

A pyramidal shaped sanctum in an ancient Hindu temple

The Hindu religion is definitely based on logic and science and moreover the basic aim of the religion is to harness a higher conscious level. But now-a-days because of some selfish preachers or so called baba’s our religion has restricted to only idol worshiping. Just because of this idolism the religion has been picturized as illogical especially in the minds of many educated world people. Even most of the hindu population too has not understood the true value of the facts and usage of their religion.

When we were child, obviously we were unconscious and less educated. We used to do whatever our parents and society asked us to do. As we grow up and become educated our level of consciousness also develops. We start thinking about everything that’s happening around us. We start observing the details in everything more than that our books told us. I personally feel that a person who says ‘I don’t believe in god, religion or tradition’ is just an unconscious one. He/she may be a doctor, scientist, millionaire or a big personality whom many people follow but if he/she is found saying these words that means all the knowledge that he has acquired in his lifetime was no more than orthodox and bookish. The real scientific (rather cosmic) knowledge lies here in front of our eyes but we stupid don’t bother to even notice it. It’s our failure that the biggest knowledge acquired by our sages and ancient saints that have been preserved for us for centuries, is now considered as waste because of our ignorance.

It’s our duty (of each and every educated person) to open our consciousness and think about each and every tradition, religion, myths, books and sacred texts. We have to explore the meanings hidden behind them. For example a temple according to Hindu tradition is built up on a specific site selected by a priest or god himself gives a signal about it. Most of the temples as I earlier wrote (mostly ancient ones) are constructed over a pyramidal hill tops or a site where earth’s energy is in abundance. These temples again have a pyramidal shaped top so that all the earth’s energy is trapped and magnified with the help of that shape. The main purpose of a temple is to tell people that there is a supreme being above us all, who can do many things that we can’t, who might be in other dimension and can neither be created nor destroyed.

So, according to me if we go to a temple we must sit there in a silent corner and meditate atleast for 15-20 minutes. And definitely we would be filled with positive energy, happiness and satisfaction. Our souls would definitely be at peace and in harmony with the surroundings. We would enjoy each and every atom of this universe, and would see every living being with respect. There will be no crimes because everyone will enjoy their life of peace. It is an awesome idea and moreover very simple to perform but why it hasn’t happened yet, where lies the problem? It’s here in us, in me and you. We educated and conscious minds don’t have the mindsets and guts to divert the big masses towards the right path. We are so into our daily routines to earn money that when we go out of our comfort zones things annoy us. It’s a true saying of Gita that for a conscious journey everyone needs a guru or a teacher. In Hindu religion, there are abundance of gurus, even our country is full of gurus, some are in jails, some in foreign countries, some have already died and the remaining ones are hard to be trusted, then how to choose a guru? No doubt it’s very difficult but I believe in supreme God, he will definitely enlighten our path to the right teacher, who will definitely take us to the journey towards the Supreme Being.


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