The Unexpected Migration – To A Different Space – Short Story

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My family moved inside the house but I still remained outside praying for the living beings that were harmed in the recent incidents. The cause of the disaster was still not confirmed and I was still boggling my mind, when suddenly a fireball projected from behind a mountain. I was startled because the mountain range from where it came from should not be emitting anything as it was just opposite to that from which the fireballs projected the previous day.

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I was still scratching my head and the projectile just landed in front of our home. My eyes remained wide open at the sight of the thing that I earlier thought as a fireball. It was more like a big glass sphere. Suddenly it split into two and a man came out of it. I looked at him startled. The man looked divine as whole of his body emitted light and his face was very attractive that I could not resist my eyes from him. He came near to me and he talked, “I’m here to take you to the place where you originally belong to.” I was surprised. He continued, “I’m from a planet that is in a different dimension in the space. You too belonged to that planet in your previous birth. You were an important personality there. After you died we tried to search your soul in every dimension and finally we found you here. I will take you back there as we need you.”

A fictional short story of an unexpected migration under unusual circumstances to space and into a new and different world.

I was shocked obviously, and didn’t want to convince myself of every single word that he told. I didn’t have any idea what he mean to say. I already had so much of tensions of the recent past events and then that space man and all of his theories looked fraud to me. I tried to abscond back to the house to call my father to teach him a lesson. Noticing the expressions of disagreement in me he spontaneously projected a view of that planet and its people in the air. I looked at it with my eyes wide open. I was too busy in watching what he has projected when the space man murmured some kind of spell on me. I was hypnotised. My brain freezed and all I could think about was that planet and the people there. He then raised his hand and one more spherical shuttle projected from behind the mountain and landed before me. The transparent mouth of the shuttle opened wide. It had seating for a single person and a couple of coloured buttons. I jumped into the object and the space man into his. The module started up automatically and within no time it was ready to shoot up into the unlimited depth of the sky. I looked at my house gazed it for sometime and with a sudden blow my consciousness came back. I panicked as my shuttle rovered above the ground but even my desperate efforts didn’t yield any good for me.

The space craft at once attained the speed of light and within no time we were out of the earth’s atmosphere. All I could see then was dark space over which dots of light of various sizes were to be seen. The moment was literally dream come true for me as I always wondered that I belonged to the space. And the night used to be my favourite time as then I could watch the stars, the moving space objects and the traces of our galaxy Milky Way. Watching my aspirations come true brought tears to my eyes. I was so lost in exploring the beauty of the space when my shuttle slowed down as we approached near the destination planet.

A fictional short story of an unexpected migration under unusual circumstances to space and into a new and different world.

The planet’s aura was spread to a wide distance in the space. It looked almost similar to our planet with many landforms or continents and water bodies. As the shuttle approached the planet, I noticed many similarities and dissimilarities to Earth. The continents there were variously coloured from deep red, brown, yellow, white to purple, pink, green, blue and black which were changing positions as they floated over a vast stretch of dark blue ocean.

Suddenly a message popped up on the virtual screen in the space of my shuttle that asked me to choose a destination n continent of my choice from the map that showed up in that screen. I was confused as I didn’t have any idea about the continents or the planet. I just clicked randomly over the white continent. The shuttle then moved towards the continent and glided over it. As the space craft moved closer, the landforms started to be visible in detail and the real picture of the place started uncovering. The continent was not actually what it appeared to be looking like. The white portion that glowed up like snow was in reality white water and some small islands were scattered all over the continent. It had no hint of any kind of life. I was astounded by the weirdness of the place but at the same time an unusual familiarity of that view made dragged me towards it. Flying over the landscape gave me home like feeling. I didn’t know how that place was linked to me in the previous life but I surely noticed by then that I definitely shared some productive time with the planet, especially with that definite area.

The speed and the height of my space craft declined considerably. I investigated about the landing site but I could not see any suitable surface where I could stand after landing. I was stressed out and somewhere cursed the past events. I closed my eyes, consoled myself and harnessed all my energy to be strong and calm at the same time. I wanted to uncover the mystery of that planet, the space man and all those events that happened in the recent past, so I patiently waited for the right time. The craft landed over one of the small islands that were not bigger than a moderate house. The shuttle opened up, I was worried about the air there but to my surprise I could breathe comfortably. I came out of my shuttle and observed the whole surroundings. There was no one to be seen around, all I could see there was a vast stretch of whiteness on the ground as well as on the sky.

The space man came to me and directed me to follow him. I was thirsty and hungry by then as we had travelled for so long. “I’m feeling thirsty; can I drink that white water from the river?” I asked the space man with a hope that he would understand and provide me with some actual drinkable water. “Yes definitely you can. Even it can fill your stomach if you are feeling hungry.” With a surprised face I looked at him. Then I came near the water source, put my hand inside the water and took out some in my palm. The water was sparkling like diamonds; I had never seen a liquid so beautiful before.

We walked for a few metres and then the space man stopped and stood still for some time. He then pressed his temples in the forehead and within seconds the ground split into two revealing a secret room. Everything seemed weird to me but I still went inside. Through a staircase we came across a bright hall where there were many other space men and women. I was glad to see people around regardless of who they were.

In the middle of them stood a giant space man, he was having a dumbbell shaped metal object in his hand that he kept rotating around his head. He then started addressing the crowd, “Dear folks, here we have our renowned warrior back with us. After so many centuries we have struggled to capture his soul but he fled to a far away land that too growing with a body of a lady. Still whatever the past was, here we have him back and now we will never let him go.” I was confused that whether he was saying about me or anyone else. “Yes you lady or our warrior. I’m telling about you definitely.” I was surprised but still I didn’t recall any of my past life except that part when I flew over the continents. “Now when you are back I want you to immediately attain your position back and safeguard our continent as well as the planet” he exclaimed.

I was still confused as I didn’t know how I would guard the continent as I remembered nothing. That giant man noticed my confused face and he said, “Do not worry, we will train you first and will try to revive your memory and only then we will give you back all your responsibilities.” I was comforted by his words. Then the space man came to me and signalled me to follow him. He then told me about many things on the way that I was the only guard of the planet who knew each and every type of warrior arts. I was very precious to the planet that’s why they searched me everywhere. I was slightly convinced by his theory, but I wanted to ask many things more. Somehow, he already knew my questions so he answered them all. “All that happened in your place from the fireballs and the explosions was just an illusion. We wanted no earthlings around you when we came to pick you so we had to disperse them from that place and that was the only idea I can think of.”

“So, is everything alright there now?” I enquired. “Yes definitely, everything came back to normal immediately after we left.” I didn’t ask anything more from him. He then took me to my quarter that was under the ground in a long tunnel neighboured by few more quarters.

I was comfortably flying over the continent and ordering others to follow my instructions. As I flew through our white continent I rejoiced the time when I decided to trust that space man who was none other than my brother in the previous life. That was the time when I recalled all my memory and rejoiced being a space man.

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