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10 Things that definitely Increase the Positive Energy in our Body

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The beauty and positive energy of nature is spread all around. Plants, Flowers, Nature and Aroma are some of the things that help in being happy and positive.

10 Things that definitely Increase the Positive Energy in our Body

  1. Crystals and Gemstones

Crystals are the power house of Energies. It is proved by scientists; even quartz crystals are being used in the computer chips to store information. Basically a crystal magnifies the electric charges around it. The crystals when purified and used according to one’s need, calms the mind and stimulates its better functioning. Also they have varied uses like curing diseases, addictions, phobia and warding off negative energies. The crystals and their energies are observed to be fixed to their past bearers that are why crystals have to be purified when to be used for the first time. One important way of purifying crystals and increasing their energy is to bury them deep inside earth for few days or to give them a full moon bath every month.


  1. Music

Music has the power to change the emotional mood of the receivers. There has been many studies conducted on plants and animals based on music. The type of music and rhythms were observed to induce different psychological patterns. According to one such research mentioned in the book ‘Secret Life of Plants’ by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, plants showed different growth patterns in different genres of music. For example, when rock music was played, the plants showed degeneration and retarded growth but in classical music they showed a noticeable growth and productivity. Even there are many cattle farms where the farmers use music to increase the milk productivity in their cattle. So, choosing a right kind of music can definitely help one to magnify the energy and positivity in their body.


  1. Plants

Plants are no doubt the source of positivity and energy for human beings. They not only provide us fresh air and oxygen but also purify our surroundings from the unwanted aerosols, chemicals and microorganisms. There are many plants which when grown inside cleanse the atmosphere from the toxicants and yet many which are used as roadside plantations to absorb the pollutions. They are no doubt the healers. Their presence rejuvenates a boring and a dull landscape. The positive energy in them definitely stimulates the same in their observer.


  1. Color

Every human being is aware of the power of color. Each and every color has a specific energy as they are themselves made up of wavelengths of light and they have a power to heal a person psychologically and spiritually as well. The color white for example, is represented as a color of purity and peace. It is used specifically by the hospitals as the color heals the person with ailments and pains and calms the body, mind and nerves. Blue color also calms the body and it enhances the communication and verbal skills, also it cures asthma, inflammatory diseases and infections. Yellow for instance enhances concentration and mental health. Also it helps in curing diseases related to liver and brain.


  1. Birds and Animals

Animals and birds have the ability to transmit positivity and happiness. It is so observable; an innocent look of a dog can easily melt your heart and empower you emotionally. They are selfless beings; all they desire from a human is their attention and love. Watching a wild bird or an animal gives an immense pleasure to the observer as their cute and innocent plays foster a smile which not only increases our immune system but also helps us reduce our stresses. One should start his/her day by watching a bird or an animal (I’m not at all encouraging for having caged birds or animals) and the whole day will be filled with happiness for sure.

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  1. Flowers and Aroma

How beautiful and positive it is to see vibrant flowers around you. Flowers definitely bring smiles and happiness all around. I must they are the nature divine creation and an extreme blend of beauty. One can never resist praising the splendours from plant world; well actually they are meant for the same purpose too. The variety of colours and shapes of different flowers like roses, asters, Gazania, Pansy, Acroclineum, Dog Flower, Carnation, Burf, Petunia, Zerbera, Orchid, etc. make them appropriate for every kind of person. One can easily buy cut flowers from the market but a potted flower has always advantages as they can live for many days to months plus the plant provides extra positivity. A potted flowered plant with a magnetizing aroma is an extra perk. The aromatic oil extracted from some flowers is used in aromatherapy, to heal mind and body from various ailments such as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and for cold and migraine. Likewise many aromatic plants such as Jasmine, Rosemary, Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, etc. are widely used. So, many benefits of a single plant can definitely convince one to install them in their living areas.


  1. Geometry

Yes, I’m saying about the shapes and patterns that surround you, they have their specific energy fields. As, I talked about the pyramidal shapes and their dominance in Indian Temples in my earlier post, where I discussed about the highest concentration of energy field and positivity in a pyramidal shape. There are some more shapes and geometrical patterns that harness energy and positivity one such shape is tetrahedron. In many religions two tetrahedrons over each other makes up a geometric marvel (called Markaba in Hebrew) which harnesses an extraordinary energy field around one’s body. Also, in Sanatan Dharma, Shri Yantra (made of nine interlocking triangles) is used to surround oneself into positive energy field. The use of the sacred Geometry is prominent in most of the religions worldwide, even some plants, animals and nature are observed to follow the patterns of the Sacred Geometry.


  1. Hobby

I’ve heard a phrase ‘an empty mind is a devil’s workshop’ and a hobby helps a person to be occupied. Whether it is reading books, painting, cycling, dancing, playing an instrument or a game hobbies are the best things to do for a person. They not only capture one’s mind but also provide a positive environment where something amazing is created. One should definitely have a hobby and I think everyone has atleast one, so what we need is to use our idol time for the hobbies; and then the positivity will be all around.


  1. Donation
Mother and Daughter Donating

Yes, you heard it right! Donating food or money or clothes or anything to a needy is a deed that not only satisfies your soul but also helps someone else. It is true that donation is the best way to relieve the negativity in you; don’t you believe? Then try by yourself. You will surely realize that you have done something good to somebody, and you will earn a great respect for yourself.


  1. Meditation

The most important and best step to not only increase positivity but also to increase one’s consciousness level is Meditation. It has been proved everywhere that how meditating even for 10 mins can help a person come out from any kind of anxiety, tension, ailment or disease. In a book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay, she had discussed about her story of reviving herself from the last stage of Cancer with meditation and yoga only. Her story stuns every person and convinces to believe in the power of being with self through meditation. Also in Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna has directed humans to follow the path of meditation and Yoga to reach the supreme Lord.


So, this was my list of 10 things that are meant to increase the Positive Energy in our Body. I hope you got a thoughtful read and this post helped you somewhere in gaining positivity.

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The beauty and positivity of nature is spread all around. Plants, Flowers, Nature and Aroma are some of the things that help in being happy and positive.

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