The Memory and The Soul

A couple of years back when I was in Nauni, while walking in the lawn after dinner, some monkeys started showing up. There were few more girls walking in the same lawn. Monkeys of Nauni especially of the Girls’ Hostels’ were very clever; they knew that girls were the most vulnerable being they can ever exploit. So, most of the times they roamed anywhere to everywhere without caring much about girls, and we girls knew that they had known our weaknesses, so we never dared to instigate any unwanted situation (I know many of the guys and the unexperienced ones would revile at us for being so dependent, but only the experienced ones actually understand our pain). That day I tried to be brave and picked a big wooden stick to frighten them. For my luck, the monkeys were not in the mood to fight so they calmly left away. So, my brave act worked for that instance. At that same time the stick that I held in my hand gave me a new consciousness that stimulated some precious thoughts in my mind. And here that is – the MEMORY.

The living things like us, monkeys, birds, plants and everything that has life has a memory too. With the help of which they perform their daily chores and try to make their future better. But what about non living things! Do they also have memory?

Hmmmm yes they do! They store information within themselves.

Sometime earlier I had learnt about the use of Quartz crystals for storing information in gadgets. That was a very astonishing fact for me. Then I researched more about crystals and their abilities to store memory. I got to know many different facts, one of which was that they get attached to their owners by the virtue of their memories; and that was the reason why in Indian culture before wearing any crystal or gem stone a ritual is carried out to purify the stone and remove all the negative memories and energies that it had harnessed until then. That was also done as the negative memories which any crystal or a gem inherits had capabilities to destroy all the happiness in the life of its owner.

The dead or devoid of soul snail armour displays the information or the memory it has created in its lifetime.

This fact gave me another enlightened me that the stick which I was holding that night was once a living thing but as it lost its energy or consciousness it became non-living, only a material without any feelings. But it still had memory, in the form of stored information like the marks of the buds that once popped out of it, the annual rings that were formed every year whilst they enjoyed their nutrition from the leaves and the roots and the bark formed of its unwanted dead part. But the main thing to focus at the point is that without energy or rather I would call ‘atma’ or ‘soul’ it is nothing more than a material of not much importance (as a being! Until creative and selfish humans utilize it for something)

So, here Energy or Soul is the hero! Without it everything’s worthless.

We humans too share the same factual story. Our material body is full of information and memory but without energy/soul that is of no use. That’s why when we die and our energy evacuate our bodies, then all the information and memories within our brain and body become useless because only the energy knew how to obtain the productiveness.

Even the animals, birds and insects have the same souls that we have. They also deserves the same love that we give to our own species.

The energy is neither created nor destroyed and obviously it is a same thing that exits in every being. That means each and every being, either human or animal, are same. We share the same energy/soul, which is also told in each and every religion or religious texts, hence we all are one!    ADVAITA (non-duality)

But, but why everyone has different thinking, why some are full of love while others are cruel and greedy? That’s because of the memories in our material bodies form the life experiences that we grow through, whether from our education or from daily activities, and not forgetting the genetic material that gave us inherited memories from our ancestors. And that is the reason why there is diversity in this living world.

We should accept every fellow as our soul mates (because they are). The thing is that you sooner or later have to be conscious about the reality and must act wisely for your own souls who are wondering in some other materials. We should never harm them as we are harming our own selves.


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