• The ancient town of Bilaspur was established during 7th century C.E. by a Chandela Rajput, from Chanderi in now Madhya Pradesh, named Raja Bir Chand. His territory was earlier called as Kahlur. After Indian independence, Bilaspur was made as a State with Raja Anand Chand as its Chief Commissioner in 1948.
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    The Sunken City of Bilaspur

      The Sunken City of Bilaspur, is a town situated on the lap of Himalayas, alongside the Gobind Sagar Lake in Himachal Pradesh. One can easily observe the town, while travelling towards Kullu-Manali. Since childhood, whenever I travelled towards Chandigarh or came back from there, my father always stopped in a restaurant named ‘Lake View’ in Bilaspur. From there we could see a vast expanse of the Gobind Sagar Lake. A boat rovered on it, smoothly sailing on the sea-green waters taking passengers from one end to the other. During the summers and monsoons, the lake water spread out in a larger area but during the winters and spring season,…