• Heat Island Effect or Urban Heat Island is a phenomenon where there is an increase in temperature of the surrounding in a concrete city as compared to the areas with same climatic conditions but lesser human settlements. The present and future of most of the living beings on earth is in the hand of humans. We have the potential to escalate the productivity of the mother earth or to demolish what she has already given us. We all have the power within us to change and create a better world for everyone around.
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    Journey through a Heat Island

      The other day I went to the house of one of my relatives in a metropolitan city. Those were summer days and the outside cityscape was melting down by the scorching heat. I was one of the braves who decided to move out of their comfort zones and travel through the heat radiating concretes. Until when the driver started the bus, I was completely drenched in sweat. Even the moving bus didn’t help much, as the wind coming inside through the window was hot enough to dehydrate me all up. As we crossed the concrete jungles and passed through the big trees and green fields, I felt much better,…

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    Life in a City around Air Pollution

      Those were the winter months and finally my family decided to go out for a vacation. We went to visit my younger sister in Kota, Rajasthan. We stayed there for around four days. The city was dapper and well organised. There we could see studious teenagers walking or riding their bicycles around.  The spacious city though was very close to the arid regions of the Thar Desert but still was greener and considerably vegetated and there was no trace of air pollution. We decided to stay for a day or two in Delhi as it fall on the way back to our home. Our plan was to roam around…

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    10 Pollution Indicator Species

      With the expanding human population, pollution has increased too. Many-a-times its adverse impact on climate and environment is attributed. We might not observe or be impacted unless it is severe. But there are many other organisms which show deformations or uncommon symptoms in response to even a slight increase in the levels of undesired compounds. These organisms are commonly recognized as BIOINDICATORS or Pollution INDICATOR Species. In this post let’s know about 10 of the most common and important Pollution Indicator Species. 10 Pollution Indicator Species Moss Mosses are observed in moist shady forests, carpeting over the floor and barks of the trees. They are the most important indicators…