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10 States in India where Water Scarcity has become common in just Few Years

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WATER as we all know is the most important resource of our life. An average human being can survive for two days to a week without water. There are places where water is abundant but yet there are more places where water has declined drastically and within few years it has became rare. When I started making this article, I thought of listing 10-20 places in India where there is acute water scarcity.

But as I started researching, I found out atleast 10-20 places in a single state. My list started expanding, and I ended up having more than 100 places where water has become Common to Rare. I was shocked of the research. Even there was something else that I got to know while compiling the list. Earlier I thought that the water would be scarce in the West and South Indian states, which are every time highlighted for being drought stricken.

I was wrong here too. Almost each and every state of India has minimum 5-10 villages or towns or talukas or districts which are severely affected by the water scarcity. So, atlast I ended up compiling a list of top 10 states of India with a list of places within them, where Water has become Rare resource in just few Years. This is alarming, and distressing.

We might think that we are lucky for having unlimited water for drinking, bathing, washing and wasting for unnecessary things, but we are wrong. We are fooling ourselves and within no time Nature is going to fool us. We must start thinking about this resource and act immediately to conserve and reduce its wastage.

10 States in India where Water Scarcity has shockingly become COMMON in just Few Years

  1. Water Scarcity in Maharashtra

The western state of India is most of the times in news because of the severe drought conditions. Even many farmer suicides were reported from the state because of water scarcity and crop failures. The severely affected district of the state are Marathwada, Nagpur, Vidarbha, Konkan, Amravati and Saurashtra covering more than 923 villages from 15 districts. The scarcity of water here is because of climate change and fluctuating rainfall patterns, also the crops grown in these areas are more water consumers, adding up the extra need for water in the areas.


  1. Water Scarcity in Gujarat

Gujarat, either is lime lighted for politics or for water crises. About 1,000 villages in the state are facing calamity due to shrinking of local water sources and sparse rainfall pattern. Extremely affected districts are Jamnagar, Kutch, Devbhumi Dwarka, Porbandar, Rajkot, Surendranagar, Dahod, Panchmahal and Amreli. In most of the villages water is supplied by the municipal corporation but mostly in a week’s interval. Imagine the life of the local residents without water for so many days. A life where each drop counts and each bucket full of water would be like a tank reserve for a week.


  1. Water Scarcity in Tamil Nadu

The major sources of water in the state are dams and reservoirs where unfortunately the water is receding drastically. Because of the state being devoid from most of the monsoon showers and rains throughout the year, the acute water scarcity has arisen and grasped the state into drought conditions. Most affected districts of the state are Erode, Villuparam, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore, Namakkal, Thirippur and Salem.


  1. Water Scarcity in Uttar Pradesh

The story of Uttar Pradesh is also similar. Here the ground water, which is the only source of water for many villages, has receded severely. Almost 50 districts of the state especially the Bundelkhand region is the worst affected. Because of lack of water supplies the children are unable to attend schools, livestock are parched and livelihoods are shattered.


  1. Water Scarcity in Andhra Pradesh and Telanagana

Fully dependent on the Krishna River and the reservoirs over the river body, the two states are facing severe drought conditions. Even the receding ground water level has also casted a severe threat to the livelihood of the residents of the states. The most affected districts are Anantpur, Kalyandurgam, Srikakulam, Rajmahendravaram of Andhra Pradesh and Adilabad, Mancherial, Nirmal, Asifabad of Telangana.


  1. Odisha

The water story in the state is entirely different. Mostly the state is highlighted for the cyclones and floods for most of the year but the scarcity of water here too is predominant. Although the state has abundant water resources but the government here lack to provide that water to the towns and villages. This is because of the improper electricity and pumping systems. Even the water resources are extremely polluted and unpalatable. So, we can say that the water scarcity in this state is purely anthropogenic. The worst affected districts here are Kandhamal, Deogarh, Sundargarh, Dhenkanal, Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj, Subarnapur, Belangir and Kalahandi.


  1. Water Scarcity in Rajasthan

A list of top 10 states of India with a list of places within them, where Water has become Rare resource in just few Years.Rajasthan is an arid deserted state. One can obviously assume the state being water scarce, and yes the assumption is correct. Almost 17000 villages of 15 districts of the state including Bhilwara, Ajmer, Tonk, Barmer, Pali, Nagaur are affected by the water shortage. The receding ground water levels and limited rainfall has forced the people here under a considerable threat of drought and famines.


  1. Water Scarcity in Madhya Pradesh

The same story of acute water shortage is shared by the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. Here, too almost 40 districts are under drought like conditions. The receding ground water levels and over-population has probed threat to the livelihood of the residents. The most affected districts are Jabalpur, Indore, Ujjain and Sagar.


  1. Water Scarcity in Haryana

The semi-arid state also faces same situation as the major sources of water here are the reservoirs which are deceiving water drastically and the ground water which has water are contaminated by the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides. Almost every district here is facing shortage of water including Sonipat, Jind, Sirsa, Hisar, Bhiwani, Rohtak Jhajjar, Mahendragarh and Rewari.


  1. Water Scarcity in Karnataka

The surprising entry in the water crisis list is the IT capital city of Bengaluru. The state is mostly depended on the dams and reservoirs for the water supply and most of its dams are gone out of water because of indiscriminate uses of water. Belagavi district of the state too shares the same story. The residents of the districts have to buy their water from tankers and other public sources.

Other mentions –

Kerela : Thrissur district of the state is severely affected by the scarcity of the water in their resources such as dams and reservoirs. Thiruvananthpuram, Kollam, Kannur, Ernaknlam and Makappuram are also similarly affected.

Jharkhand : The receding groundwater levels and limited supplies by the government agencies the Palamau, Hazaribagh and Dumka districts of the state are extremely affected by the water scarcity.

West Bengal : Despite the state being fed by the river Ganges and Brahmputra, there are few places which include Purulia, West Midnapore, Bankura and Burdwan are devoid of drinkable water mainly because of excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides which has contaminated the water resources.


So, this was my list of 10 places rather states where water has become Common to Rare resource in just few years. From the list we can easily assume that most of the Indian districts are facing a shortage of the most important resource and that too because of the inadequate policies and action taken by the authorities and the localites.

A list of top 10 states of India with a list of places within them, where water scarcity has become common in just few Years.

The most important thing that will help in reducing the graph of scarcity is definitely education and awareness; with which the people will realize and know about the techniques such as rainwater harvesting. It can help them to conserve the available water to be used in the required way.

In my upcoming posts I will definitely bring about a list of techniques by which water can be conserved and used sustainably.

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