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Rise of a Nature Lover

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One day I sat near my favorite vine of Kiwi, in my fields. I was having exams and I went there for studying. I was very poor in concentrating on studies those days and hence was just watching the tree. As I observed, the tree (or the plant) looked so amazing. The curves in its trunk, the pattern of the bark, the color of the leaves, hairs on its leaves, flowers, all were astounding. And then I thought, why didn’t I notice the beauty of the nature before. I was so obsessed that then I decided that I will definitely study what they are and how do they become like that. The more I watched the plant, more was the curiosity developing inside me. I wanted to capture that moment especially that everything which I was seeing.

The beautiful bark and branches of my favourite Kiwi vine in my farm.

After that day there was no time when I didn’t think about the plants, trees, organisms and the living world. In each of the assets I could find a logic. Then I dreamed about becoming a scientist, to have my own laboratory, my camera, my microscope, my computer.

It is not only that I had interest only in knowing about our world, in fact I had and am having a motto of conserving the mother nature. When I was small, I used to think how this world works, how we are like this, why every body function is accurate and same for everyone, how big this universe is, where is the end of this universe? I know the answers of these questions are not known till now but I also know I will surely get their answers. it can take time but nothing is impossible.

As I grew young, I started caring for the little things that are usually ignored by normal people. I started protecting living organisms by not harming them, actually I had a habit of plucking grasses, flowers, leaves as I walk through them. But then I resolved of never doing these kind of silly destructions as I came to know that plants also feel, they also get hurt, they also feel the pain. After then I touched them only for showing my love and affection.


Life never makes the leading path smooth for anyone; so that was for me. I got admission in an Institute made for nature lovers. But instead of following my pledge of not harming plants, I had to pluck them and preserve them; not even me altleast 100 more students were involved in the same process. I felt very bad; there were many times when I couldn’t sleep. But slowly I accepted that I had to do it. I didn’t say anyone to stop doing that as I was myself involved in harming them; so I decided to make minimum destructions; before plucking a leaf or flower, I decided to say few words to the plants for making it not to feel the pain. I don’t know whether they listen to me or could feel my affection, but I surely know that plants are the greatest donors and I love them.

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  • Vishal

    Wow… The philosopher inside you is coming out.
    I have some similar thinking (around 80%) like yours.
    Keep publishing…
    Good luck

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