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Organ Donation : A Help for A Cause

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I walked through the main entrance to the hallway; there was a long endless queue on the counter. Everywhere around me I could see people, of all sorts. An old woman crossed me walking with a stick and her granddaughter helping her to walk out of the doorway. I had no idea where to go and whom to ask. So, I went near the enquiry desk, but there was nobody. I waited there for a few minutes. A security officer came near the desk, I asked him about the enquiry staff but he was clueless. I decided to move inside the hall and search the destination by myself.

We can donate Heart, Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas, Lungs, Skin Tissues if we are declared brain dead. Know where and how we can do organ donation.

A little inside, there was a big board displaying different departments and the room numbers. I quickly scanned the board but unfortunately I could not see my concerned department. So, I decided to entour every floor. Through a staircase I climbed to the first floor, scanned every room there and then leaped to the second floor, third floor and fourth floor.

The fourth floor was the most crowded and filled with a mysterious melancholy. Every person there was silent. As I passed through them, they watched me in amazement, as if I had trespassed into their personal space. There was no one from whom I could take help, so I quickly leaped out from the floor from a passageway in the other corner of that floor.

I felt a little awkward as I was all alone. I still kept walking without knowing the about the destination. In the corner of that passageway I saw two girls in white coats; I somehow knew that they could help me. I told them about my intentions. They said that they too had not much idea about the thing. They then showed me the way to a section where someone could literally help me.

I went to that section; there I met with a lady. Again I told her about my concerns. She appreciated me and asked about me, about my profession and all. But finally in the end, she too raised her hands and told me that she was not able to help me and they had no such facility.

We can donate Heart, Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas, Lungs, Skin Tissues if we are declared brain dead. Know where and how we can do organ donation.I don’t know whether I was in a wrong place or the place lacked the facility. But whatever it was, I was really disappointed. That day I went to the Zonal Government Hospital with all my enthusiasm to register myself as an organ donor. But unfortunately, I ended empty handed. The doctor there told me that the hospital had no such kind of facility, nor do any other hospital in the entire region; only the medical colleges cum hospitals entertain such kind of cases, which were far, really far from the place where I live.

Organ Donation

God has created organisms with so much sophistication that we have a perfectly balanced body structure. We have got five extraordinary sense organs to perceive everything that is outside. Our external bodies look complex, uniform and perfectly created, so are our insides. Actually our internal organs and systems are much more complex. We have specific organs for specific purposes and each one’s presence and functioning is mandatory. We would hardly survive if anyone of them dysfunction. Now think about those who are unfortunate with their bodies.


Earlier I googled about it and found various private agencies and NGOs who register people for organ donation. I registered with one of them. But I wonder whether there are only private agencies for the purpose, why doesn’t every district government hospital provide the facility for organ donation. They too have emergency wards, surgeons and qualified doctors – even they are crowded with the needy. Also, they have a great number of populations who die each day, their bodies are then burnt; and all that is left behind is just a few handfuls of ashes.

Then what is wrong in donating the organs of the deceased to a needy. As far as I can feel, there are no harms. Even the person getting the organ would have a new life and light to carry on the journey of life.

The donation of organs from a deceased body is purely a decision of the family members. After a person dies the hospital authority asks the family’s consent for the organ donations. So, awareness in this matter is the most important factor. Donating a part of the body that is no more useful has no harms.

A Help for a Cause

What are the Organs that we could Donate :

We (actually our first KIN – parents, spouse) can donate  Heart, Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas, Lungs, Skin Tissues if we are declared brain dead and Eyes, even whole of the body (for medical researches) in the case of death.

Where we can donate the Organs :

Our family members can donate our organs to the nearest Medical Research Institutes and Hospitals or to the NGOs and private hospitals (as Government one lacks the facilities).

Important Sites to help You : Mohan Foundation,  Donate Life India ,or you can register yourself with the government of India Website

Let’s join hands and pledge to donate organs, the biggest gifts that we could ever give to a needy person.

Do share your opinions on the comment section. Don’t hesitate, instead be a proud ORGAN DONOR. Also, SHARE the awareness with everyone.


Share and spread the awareness :

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