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A Lucid Dream : Reality Check

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I was sitting on a mat in our old traditional kitchen, talking to my mother who was washing utensils in the traditional cleaning area that was seperated by a wooden plank. She was thin and pale, probably sick; but still she kept doing her chores without any expectations for help. I was small then and therefore helpless. I kept watching her doing her chores, praying from inside for her wellness. There was nobody else in the house.

Suddenly a black cat jumped inside from the roof. She was fearless and her eyes were red as if dipped in blood. She stared while walking towards me. Her eerie looks gave me a hint of her wicked intentions. I was scared; not because she stared at me but because she was closer to my mother.

The next moment she turned back, ran towards mom and instantly jumped upon her. My heart started beating abruptly and without wasting much time I ran towards the wooden partitioning that hid mom from me. My eyes were wide open to see nothing there; mom was not there and surprisingly the cat had also disappeared. I called her, “Mumma! Mumma!” but there was no reply.

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After a few moments of searching her, the cat appeared on the other end of the room. Her weird wicked looks were still making me feel uncomfortable. She didn’t blink her eyes even for once while staring at me. My mind was fully captured by the thoughts of the last few moments when the cat approached my mother and strangely both of them vanished.

The absence of my mother started haunting me, I was tensed and spontaneously tears started filling my eyes. The emptiness of the house and the silence of the surroundings began engulfing me. I wanted mom back at any cost.

A Lucid Dream

Abruptly I noticed dampness over my head. I woke up and realised that whatever happened a few moments back was just a lucid dream or more to be called as a nightmare. It was hard for me to accept that all, and surprisingly I even cried in reality. Remembering the nightmare, I let my emotions flow to relieve myself from that enormous pain and stress of losing my mother by crying for few more seconds. At the same time I thanked and prayed to god.

That whole day I was in a trauma of that nightmare. There were many questions in my mind like why I saw that kind of dream? Why that cat appeared so weird? What that dream meant? And the most important of them all- Why the dream appeared to be real?

I don’t have exact answers to the former questions, as different people interpret and explain them differently according to their own perspectives, but by keen research I got to know many things about the latter one.

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Reality Check for the Lucid Dream

According to the dream scientists, when we sleep our conscious and active part of the brain sleeps too or in other sense it shuts off; and the subconscious one activates and controls our brain and body. We see our dreams in our subconscious brain and because the conscious part is inactive, so we are not able to differentiate between a dream and the reality.

This was the reason why I and many more like me cry in reality while dreaming and many-a-times find it difficult to accept their existence.

Dreams will always be a matter of amazement to me and to many others. They are more like a way of knowing our fears and desires, that we consciously ignore most of the times. In other words they are stories and films directed by our souls to let us know and realise about our hidden emotions.

What do you think about them? Do share your experiences and thoughts about dreams in the comments!


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    I love the research the meaning of dreams. When I was younger I had really vivid dreams now not as much, I guess I have less to work out. I tend to have more prophetic dreams about things to come or theme on the horizon.

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