Why is that in a situation someone is happy, other is neutral and yet someone else is sad or angry or disappointed. Why there are so many variations in emotions from individual to individual. Why not everyone’s happy? What is the logic behind this variation in emotions?

Happiness or sadness is the creation of our mind only! Yes I’m right! Nobody gives it to you or takes it back from you. Every emotion is made up in our mind. If a situation is according to us, we automatically become happy; if it is not suitable to us and we are helpless, we become sad; if its not according to us but we tried hard to make it according to ourselves, we become angry and anxious. Isn’t it true, you can think by yourself.

Then how to be Happy: If we quit our expectations and accept people and situations as they are and try not to change them, then only we could have a peace of mind.

What I’m saying is very simple – Be NEUTRAL.

How? – Don’t care about any unwanted situation or stuffs.

If we keep on expecting from someone and want them to change themselves for us, that’s not practical at all (unless you are a parent or a guardian who have got responsibility to teach their kids). We should think about this situation by taking it on us. If someone doesn’t like any of our habits, that we are comfortable with, and if he/she asks us to quit it, won’t you feel it odd or weird or rude or more like a dictatorship. And why would we change our habits just for someone else’s expectations (unless we are having really bad habits).

The same rule follows for us too. We can’t and should not expect anyone to change for ourselves, to suit to our situation. They have their own lives, their own routine and habits. Let them enjoy themselves. And if any of their habit is bad and harming others then instead of forcing or convincing them to change, just let them be aware about it and silently leave. The most important thing then will be their self-realization and not your forceful stand.

There are many moments that make you feel low but the key to happy life is to live in the present moment and forget about the past! The very first step for living in present is to forgive everyone who has created a mess in your life. It was not their fault that they have hurt you, they too were discovering their path to the happiness but knowingly or unknowingly they transferred the situation to you to handle in your own way and then it is literally upto you how you react happily or sadly. Even other person is you, you are them, we all are one, we share same soul so obviously we are the soulmates, and it’s not that difficult to forgive ourselves.

If you ask me about my idea of happiness then I would say that I find happiness in even small things. The most enriched place with positivity and happiness is the lapse of nature. Watching the seedlings come out of soil, air moving the leaves as if they are dancing, birds pecking for seeds, clouds playing hide and seek with the sun, cat observing you from every angle, ants carrying their food without any expectations, blooming of flowers to attract every being to itself literally gives that immense happiness and enjoyment that can’t be found anywhere. We keep on expecting that happiness from others but the reality is that it exists here around us, it’s always upto us how we absorb  it and how we react to it.

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