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HOLI : The Festival of Colours

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The morning of Holi was full of excitements; and that day, surprisingly I woke up early. Hurriedly I got fresh and wore some comfortable clothes. I went to the kitchen to get a glimpse of what everyone else was upto. Mum was preparing breakfast and father was arranging the snacks that we would distribute to the people who would come to our house that day.

My sisters and I started our own preparations. We oiled our hairs and organised the packets of colours. Mom called us to get our tummy’s full as we were to move ourselves out of the house for the whole day.

We then poured the dry colours on each other; but not yet fully satisfied, we three sisters threw more colours, some in the air with joy and some on each other. We made a rangoli in our veranda and decorated it with every shade of colour that we had.

After some time we all headed towards the village temple to pay our homage to the village deity.  There everyone else from the village was present to celebrate the occasion. The festivity for the Holi began when everybody arrived. Villagers started singing songs and drummers synchronised with them. Everybody was in a cheery mood. They sang together, danced and laughed to their fullest.

Holi is called as the ‘Festival of Colours’, I would rather call it festival of ‘Life’ and it’s literally worth saying. Since my childhood, the festival was my favourite. As for the village where I lived, the Holi festival there was celebrated like a big community function.

The group of all the villagers that we had formed in the temple is called ‘Toli’. Our Toli started moving from the temple to the first destination which was the nearest house. Everyone settled down in their verandah and continued singing and dancing. The house owners then presented everyone with tea and snacks. A plate full of colours was also installed in the verandah, which was the major focus of the children. Those days our village had sufficient waters sources, so on holi we got lots and lots of coloured water to pour on each other.

House to house, we covered almost all the village. Each house offered some snack with drink or tea. That day each one of us danced to our fullest. Draped in colours we looked explicably similar.

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Till the evening everyone was tired. We all retired to our houses. But that was not the end of the day’s celebration. After washing and scrubbing ourselves out of the colours, we wore nice clothes and prepared lavish traditional dishes for the night of Holi.

The villagers again gathered up in the temple in the late evening as that was the time to light up the bonfire. According to the myths and folklores, on the Holi day Holika was burnt in a pyre lit up by her to kill her nephew Prahlad. She was sister of a demon king named Hiranyakshyapu; she got a boon that she could never be burnt. But all her negativity got burnt when she tried to harm her nephew who was a die-hard devotee of Lord Vishnu. So, in the evening of Holi festival everyone burn out their negativity in that bonfire and begin their new life full of positivity and good spirit.

Also, the festival is embarked to celebrate the oncoming of spring. As the splendid flowers bloom and bring about life in the cherry, apricot, plum and almond trees, so do the colours of holi spread enthusiasm in the environment.

I love this festival and I think no other festival could ever bring colour to the life like this festival could do.

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Enjoy the Festival!


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