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Guru and Faith

The other day I went to attend a holy gathering of a renowned preacher in our town. The gathering represented a specific society, of a group of people with some particular faith and norms. The society is one of the largest in India as well as in the world. So, obviously its preacher or the ‘Guru’ was like a celebrity who chose to deliver his blessings to our town for the first time.

All the followers started the preparations almost 10 days earlier. They were obviously the most excited, as the one whose teachings had they followed and heard over time was to land in front of them.

Many people came to the town from many other states and cities. They flocked like migratory birds to the place rendering some blessings. With them they carried few more people, their relatives or friends, to convince them about the faith and service exhibited by the society, and the aura of their Guru. The km long pavilion was filled with humans of all kind, and it felt as if we had entered in a carnival; moreover we too were a part of that rendezvous.

Guru and Faith

We entered the marquee and one of the serving people checked us for security, another server showed us the sitting area, and we settled down in a disciplined manner. After waiting for almost an hour, the preacher (Guru) entered the pavilion. The seated crowd which was earlier well behaved then became impatient; the marquee which was earlier in a pin drop silence then was filled with a buzz of anxious voices.

The Guru orbited around the seated crowd. And as he came closer to them, their eyes became moist. They were pervaded with sentiments; their emotions and faith on him were displayed through their tears. Almost everyone around us was moistened by the tears. I wholeheartedly respected their devotion towards their teacher.

The Guru then settled down on his seat and started his speech.He commanded to look over one’s own karma and to be content about the deeds. All his speech included a call to self-realization.

My family has been into the society for ages, they always try to convince me to be a part of them. But I don’t know why I didn’t get a spiritual connection with them. They are no doubt practical and dedicated to the service to their society but restricted to their own circle. Everyone tries to convince me to make a guru or a spiritual teacher, as they are the one who guides a person towards his spiritual journey.

How to find your Guru

Yes every person needs a guide to reach the cosmic truth. One of a saint once told me that the relation of a guru and his disciples is divine and connected from previous births. Her words still vibrate in my mind, sympathizing me that my guru/ spiritual guide is surely somewhere in this universe and I will surely distinguish him/her in between many others.

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There is a list of steps that can help you, if you are searching for a preacher or guru –
  • Never force yourself to commit to a teacher that you are not fully satisfied with. Your destiny with your guide is already decided, which means that you will meet that guide spontaneously and in that moment you will have a gut feeling that he/she is the one for you.
  • It’s not compulsory that you need to have a single spiritual guide; even Buddha had many gurus because his desire of knowing more and more was not appeased by only one.
  • If you are dedicated to one spiritual preacher then never doubt him/her, I’m not saying to blindly follow him but atleast have trust and faith on him, they are and will be the one showing you the path to the supreme lord and cosmic reality.


I wish every person gets a guiding angel or a guru to enlighten their path towards the supreme truth. Afterall, we all have been sent into the human bodies to experience the cosmic reality. We deserve to know all that and the good thing is that our gurus are here to guide our way through.

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