Four steps to make your life positive and healed

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Did you get so many things to do in life? Do you find your lifetime very limited for your curiosity to fly high? Then I’ve got solutions :-


​They create barriers around your space. They keep on telling you that you have to behave responsible (although its very important to be responsible but you know that you already are responsible enough of your acts that you will never hurt or harm someone’s emotions). But these attachments are sometimes negatively impacting your positive desires. So, throw them out. Be neutral, no need to become muma’s boy or daddy’s girl, you are what you are, its ok, if for sometime they don’t see you afterall in the end they will realize that some sacrifices yield a better future or gives more satisfaction.


Your dreams are unique.  No other person could think exactly like you, although they might have same goal but all the plans and adventures you make in your mind can never match. So, why not innovate your curiosity and leave behind an invention,  which might or might not astonish the world. You will be having 100s and 1000s of wishes which you wanted in your life but you always think or get dependent on others for getting them fulfilled. Why? Why not by yyourself? You have same body structure,  organs and senses but the difference lies in your will power (not in mind at all). So, why can’t you live your dreams? You can if you start listing them and one by one acting for them. Start from now. See the magic, you will enjoy it and satisfaction will in whole of your body giving you a positive energy to work upon for the next.

​If your dreams are unique, bold and global then you have to leave money behind. If you think about achieving your dreams and earning handsome money simultaneosly, then at some point you definitely have to sacrifice one. Think consciously! Money is only a material that’s created by humans as a thing that can be offered or exchanged for a service or thing, but only for human service or thing. You can never buy a dog’s loyalty,  mother’s love, a child’s laugh, a dancing bird, sound of rain, beauty of nature, cosmic happenings, the insight of the supreme and the truth of the universe. So, why to run for this bloddy anthropogenic entity that makes mankind currupt and selfish. You should be satisfied with whatever you are earning from living your dream – afterall in the end you are satisfied that you did whatever you wanted to do in your life.

​Your thoughts, words and actions should never be restricted to yourself, your family or friends – afterall we all ( whole of the world) are one. We have same energies – originated and given to us by that almighty or the cosmic energy producer. The only difference is about material and memory that we had. Our energies don’t have memory, that’s true, only our bodies can store memory, so its upto us – individually that how much memory we could store and use. Using one’s energy is important,  a concious being will always use this energy and memory in every creature’s goodwill (even if he had a very small of it) and a non-concious one, even after having a load of memory nad energy may use it negatively.  So, its very important that you become conscious -you accept each creature’s place, give them respect and don’t desire anything from them. Afterall you also want these things from the world too.

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