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Father- Daughter: A bond for eternity

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The relation between a father and his daughter is something magical. A father finds his heart in his daughter and the daughter trusts only this single person in the entire world. Although there comes many stages of life where both lead their individual lives but somewhere in their heart they know that they understand each other more than anyone can. They are always there for each other in every ups and downs of life. Without even saying a word, they know the problems and needs of each other. That’s why this relation is said to be the most pious and generous and stands above everything. I remember one of the instance from my childhood with my father that I want to share with you. I hope you all like it.

I was three or four years old, and my father and I were going to Ludhiana by bus. The bus stopped for a while at some place and my father went out to the washroom leaving me behind in the bus alone. I was super clingy and sticked with my father at most of the times. That instance he convinced me that he would come back within seconds. I waited for him restlessly. All my patience vanished away when the driver started the bus but still my father didn’t come. I got frightened and the feeling that urged inside me at the moment was as if my father would be left behind and I would be all alone. The situation was not in my favour, also I didn’t know how to react. Finally I started crying with my full voice. As the driver gave accelerator so do I increase my volume. Everyone sitting in the bus peeped out at me. They started sympathising and comforting me. They tried to console me by saying that the driver wouldn’t drive the bus without my father. I looked at everyone’s face.  I wanted to confirm that whatever the passengers were saying was true or not so I looked towards the driver, he too looked at me and comforted me by saying that he has only started the bus and won’t drive until my father comes back. I sobbed and tried to look out of the door, my heart was still pumping vigorously.

Finally after a while my father came back. As he entered the bus I jumped onto his arms. All the passengers started yelling at him, saying him that he was not responsible. He might be confused and obviously didn’t know about the mess that I created there. But I knew he was the one without whom I can’t imagine my life. I felt super relaxed in his arms, I hugged him so tight to tell him not to leave me alone again at any circumstances. He settled down in his seat and comforted me, wiped all my tears and hugged me again.

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    ❤️ Really nice.. I was lost for sometime while reading your article.. I recalled my old memories and relationship with my father. Felling happy and blessed.

    But I was confused…… “Dj Seth ki beti” bus me…🤔😜

    • pracreation

      Thank u Yashpal. Nd we were not wealthy then, but because of my father’s hard work and far sightedness he achieved everything. You know we have seen many bad times in our old days and most of my childhood memories are full of them but we all had patience and now we enjoy our lives without looking back to those miserable days. Someone has rightly said, ‘God help those who help themselves’

  • Aditya

    I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection
    Nd i miss that days alot special your best friend p.p😂jjk…

  • Gayatri

    Just very heart touching and it seems it’s very close to ur heart.. whatever u have been through u r staying very strong and positive all the time and making others same… it’s just reflection of ur dad.. I can see while reading ur story.. 😘😘keep sharing them..

  • Fiorella Madsen

    I don’t have such a good bond with my dad, even worse now that I moved to another country. But my husband and my daughter have a special and lovely bond, that every time I see them I know he is the perfect dad for our children! 🙂

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