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Energy and Life : Worshipping through Logics

The Hindu New Year has begun from 18th March and with this the nine days celebrations aka ‘Navratra’ of worshipping ‘Shakti’ the Goddess of Energy (Durga) has started. The small girls are happier than ever before as they are being worshipped as a representation of the Goddess. These nine days they are treated as the princesses, their feet are touched to seek blessings and they are booked by many for the morning poojas, plus they are showered with money, eatables, clothes and the most important of all -the respect.

Hindu religion worships Goddess Durga as the Mother of every being. She is represented as the creator and the nourisher just like a mother. In general, she is idolised as the most beautiful female with extravagant features; she has eight arms and on each hand she holds some weapons, a flower, a conch and one of her hand is always positioned to shower blessings on everyone.

This idolization of Gods and Goddesses might be illogical for many but when giving the mythology a scientific thought, many things related to them becomes more logical. Devdutt Patnaik gave his detailed views on the idolization and the representation of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in his various books such 7 Secrets of the Goddess  as that can be purchased from Amazon (if you like to read about the Hindu logics and mysths).

Let’s keep idolism aside and consider the representation of Goddess Durga as an energy and the source of everything.

‘Shakti’ or Energy whatever we call it, it’s the invisible power that is omnipresent. In the form of air, it flows silently through the mountains and the plains to our homes and with every breath it enters our body; in the form of energy it moves from the infinite universe to every planet, continent and individual and fills everyone with a consciousness; in the form of light it spreads everywhere making its creations and marvels visible to everyone.

From that unknown infinite source that I call ‘the Source of Everything’ the light spreads out into the vast cosmic space. As it touches the celestial objects and materials, a spark revives their barren forms. Their journey to harness life is initiated. Without that energy every matter present on the earth or in this vast space is lifeless. Not only the living things regains their conscious but the non-livings too captures some part of this infinite non-exhausting source and gives it back to the livings in the form of some miraculous beautiful entity.

I feel proud that our religion has signified this powerful creative force as a female mother figure and no doubt it is. And the nine days of Navratra celebrations are completed with worshipping the innocent pure female souls.

What are your thoughts about ‘Shakti’ and Goddess worshipping, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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