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Birds at Rescue

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I lived in Punjab in a hostel for almost two years. The hostel building was an old construction. There were many trees around the building upon which many birds had their dwellings. One such tree was of Mahogany. It had dense foliage and a considerable height. In my place I have seen many such trees, usually solitary, underneath which small temples of a dark energy are located. And according to my observation, I had an impression of those trees being a harnesser of energy- dark one with a mysterious bird story.

Just like other trees, that Mahogany tree too had a settlement; but rather than a myna or a bulbul, a sizeable population of crows lived there. Crows are usually associated with bad omens and wickedness mostly because of their colour, edgy looks and sharp croaking sounds. There too, from the morning till the silent darkness they croaked endlessly.

Animals and birds build up a trust with humans. They know who could help them or who are threat for them.Here is one suh beautiful bird story.

In my first few days in the hostel, I felt those croaks very annoying and anger provoking. But with time I accepted their existence and got adjusted to them.

Birds (regardless of their appearance) are no doubt world’s cutest organisms. Watching them perching in a branch or bathing in water or dancing to attract their mates or singing or collecting straws and papers for building their nests is totally a treat to the eyes and these moments are definitely generator of positive energy (Learn about positive energy generators). Learn more about the beautiful birds in one of my post 10 Most Beautiful Birds.

Slowly in few months I got used to the birds (crows). I even tried to communicate with them. I used to feed them half a chapatti every morning and evening. It gave me immense pleasure to watch them eat their feasts. We used to see each other every now and then and slowly we built up a feeling of understanding.

Many-a-times we had eye contacts, they would watch me come out of my room and cross the tree to go to the washroom.

One early morning a few of the crows came near my door and croaked endlessly. I woke up because of their irritating noises. As I came out my room few of them started flying above me. The situation was very weird as if they had lost their minds or were extremely angry and wanted to tell their bird story. Their gestures were awkward and frightening. I hurriedly entered the washroom to get ready for the college.

After almost an hour I again came out of my room, now ready to move out for college. The birds were still in that weird enthusiasm. I was early that day, so I thought to enquire about their discomfort. I went near their tree, gazed at the deep foliage in confusion. The leaves were so dense that I could not see anything strange inside.

A crow started flying over me as if it wanted to guide me. I watched it flying through the leaves and branches. And then it started flying in circular motion as if indicating me about the spot of concern. Although the foliage was dense and I could not observe much but still I tried.

And there I saw it; a strong chill ran down through my body and my eyes went wide open in disbelief. On a high branch I saw a baby crow hanging down with a string. It was crying and trying endlessly to come out of it. But its constant movements were wounding it more. All other birds were flying around it, they wanted to help and save it but obviously they couldn’t.

My eyes were drenched in tears and my heart was filled with pain and sadness of that bird story. Since morning the birds tried to tell me about it and tried to fetch help from me but I ignored them.

Without wasting any more time I ran to the attendant, told him everything and asked him to help the birds. He took a ladder and a knife and climbed the tree. The birds initially started mocking him, as if they thought that he would harm the baby bird. But because of his continuous efforts later they allowed him to rescue.

He cut out the kite string that was bound with the bird’s feathers wounding it badly. The bird was rescued and luckily it survived. But I felt bad for many more birds that got entrapped in those stupid webs from human plays. I felt disgusted by the selfishness and carelessness of the localites who enjoy a game where they can fly a non-living thing and totally ignore the living things which are meant to fly but get no space. The birds are most of the times injured because of such unconscious activities.

That day I came to know that animals build up a trust with humans. They know who could help them or who are threat for them and with whom they can share their bird story. That day I promised to myself that I would not ignore even the smallest uncommon thing or situation. I promised the animals and birds to be more caring and conscious about them.

There is a need for us, for all of us, to be less ignorant and more caring about the other souls. They might not be our family or friends or known but they are in a real logic our ‘soul-mates’. Being a higher conscious organism in the entire animal kingdom, it’s our moral duty to be responsive and compassionate about other beings.

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