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Billy and Me : How an animal changes your Life

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One fine day, I was sitting in our garden with a couple of books and notebooks, preparing for my boards exam. I was busy with my studies when suddenly I heard a faint sound of meowing. Since my childhood I loved animals, especially cats and birds, and always tried to show my affection to them. That time too, I immediately turned around to search the source of that faint sound. I tried to replicate the sound, “Meow! Meow!” The cat responded and her volume increased as she approached near me. I was excited to see the kitty who responded to my calls. And then she appeared from behind the bushes. It was an average sized pure black cat with light brown deep eyes. An awkward hesitation surpassed me as she appeared to be similar to a witchy black cat that came in my childhood dreams and tried to kill my mother. I ceased all my activities and tried to ignore her. Even though she came closer to me, I was a bit afraid but simultaneously tried to convince myself that the cat was just an animal who too wanted some attention and love.

The black cat came near to my chair and started rubbing her head, back and tail to the chair while revolving around me. I felt her behaviour a little weird as that was the first time that I was so close to a cat. But still from inside I was trying to understand what she meant to convey. I went inside the kitchen and took 2-3 biscuits for her. She came closer to me and I gave her one biscuit. She ate it and then gave a look as if asking for more. I gave her the second one and then the third one. She chewed the crunches of the biscuits and then cleaned her whiskers with her tongue. I then came back to my chair and diverted all my attention to my studies. She silently came near and settled down beside my chair.

From that day onwards she was a daily guest to me, I would offer her few biscuits and she would welcome them, then relaxing beside me the whole day. Even sometimes, she would try to catch my attention by revolving around my chair and peeping upon my books while standing on her back legs. A different kind of trust and affection started blooming between us. During the rainy days or when she would not find me outside, she would climb to the first floor of our house and search me peeping and meowing through the netted doors.

My parents were extremely allergic to pets especially cats and all those domesticated animals that never cared about the virtual boundaries created by the society between them. I was grown up by them so obviously I had to follow their rules in the home atleast. But I never cared about the limits of showing love and affection to the ones who deserves. And that cat came so close to me that I always ignored my father’s scolding and mom’s shouting at me for showing carelessness about their rules. All I cared was that my friend should not feel bad about anything at my home.

I named that black cat ‘Billy Mausi’ (Aunt Kitty :P). This name came out from one of a hindi rhyme my parents taught me in my childhood. Even I used to recite that rhyme in front of my Billy Mausi to let her know that I was enjoying her company. She too liked to listen me by showing her attentiveness and an eye contact with me. I was in love with her cuteness and her face; that at first instance made me afraid though. I always wanted to capture her cuteness in the camera but those were the days of reel cameras and I never dared to click with them to avoid my parents’ scolding. Finally I decided to sketch her in my drawing note book. Although I didn’t draw her perfectly but still an outline of her beauty was enough for me to rejoice life-long.

Once I was sitting in the lawn with my sister. We were in a mischievous mood. Billy came and sat near my chair. My sister and I decided to test her understanding abilities. We started making fun of her, saying stupid things about her body and tail and laughing aloud at her. Firstly she ignored us but then she stood up and started walking away from us. We still continued making fun of her which surely was not fair. At last she reacted in a weird and scary manner. Just like a fierce and angry bull she looked at us, scratched her feet on the ground and with all her speed ran towards us. My sister immediately ran inside to save herself while screaming her lungs out. I was frozen to my chair and tried to protect myself by just standing over the chair. Billy stopped just before me, stared at me and then left the place with an angry and arrogant look. Her candid walk was just like a tigers’. My sister and I were shivering to death; later we laughed over our stupidity and promised ourselves to never do that again. That day at least we came to know that Billy was far more intelligent cat than that we had imagined her.

Billy didn’t come to me for many days after that incidence; I literally regretted my behaviour to her. Then atlast she showed up, I apologised to her, for which she reacted by sitting beside me and rubbing her head, back and tail with my legs that obviously indicated that she forgave me. Everything became normal after that. She would even join me for the evening walks. Once while walking I was sharing my thoughts with her. I asked her a question for which she hugged my leg. Her spontaneous reaction freaked me out but her affection made me love her more.

I joined my senior secondary school after few months, so our meetings reduced. We met occasionally in which I used to talk to her a lot, tell her about my life and even tell her that she was growing fat all those days. I would scratch her head and body to show my regards.

And then suddenly she disappeared. For more than two weeks I had no clue about her. I was worried about her and then one day our neighbour came and told us that she was lying dead in our irrigation water tank. I felt extremely sorry for the loss of my best friend. She was my soul mate and I shared so much affection with her. Although I had not much attachment with her but I felt that I was in a true love, which gave me happiness, positivity but at the same time harnessed no pain. I will always remember the good times that we shared because they always fill me with life and positivity. Those times convince me that love has no boundaries; it is far away from greed, attachment and selfishness.

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