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Pracreation website/blog has a collection of stories, facts and a little philosophy based on my life experiences and knowledge. I always wanted to share my views and opinions with the world, so this blog is the result.

I’ve distributed the blog into four major categories – Short Story, Photo Story, Fact List and Explore with Me.

In the Short Story category I’ve added stories that I’ve created generally through my life experiences to provoke a thoughtful reading! It is again splitted into few other categories like awareness, fiction, motivational, spiritual according to the story genre. The new stories are uploaded every Monday!

The second category i.e. Photo Story is updated almost every alternate day. It has photographs inspired from nature, art and architecture, society and culture, and different places.

Fact List contain top 10 or top 5 kind of list that will cover facts and findings related to animals, plants, environment, general awareness, travel and places. This is definitely a product of my thorough research and are to be updated every Thursday!

Under the Explore with Me category, I post about a place or destination or a thing explained from my point of view.

I’m looking forward to a create a thoughtful content, helping out the audience!

I would surely appreciate your feedback.

The readers can seek for any help or advice as I’m always there to help you all. ​

PraKriti Singh

email me – pracreation09@gmail.com


Share and spread the awareness :
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