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A Village get-over

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During our school days, we went for many picnics, hiking and tours in almost every standard. Most of them were one day excursions covering one or two spots in the nearby tourist area. I’m thankful that I am born in a tourist hotspot because of which I was able to visit most of the areas in very early age.
The earliest picnic cum excursion that I remember was to our own village. I was in the nursery class, of the age of three or four and we were taken for the Polio vaccination plus picnic to the village. It was a different experience for me as I went to the picnic without my parents or family for the first time. That time I saw a different world from an eye of an explorer. Although I visited the village temple many times before with my parents, but in their comfortable laps I never cared to see the place through my perspective. So, ultimately when the first time I got this chance to experience the beauty of outdoors, I was surprised and that impression had remained in my mind till now. Even for over many years I didn’t even notice that the place where we went for picnic was my own village. Hah! This was really very funny. It was just like a newborn chick coming out of its nest to the tree’s branch and then observes the nest, branches and leaves as if he has come to some other world without knowing that it was born and brought up in the same place for so many days or months or years. That day’s experience to me was literally rare and beautiful. It made me more curious about places and I opened up my mind to observe and grasp the surroundings.
The world is so big and vast, it has millions and billions of places that are one of its kind, full of wonders, beauties, rare phenomenon, human marvels to name a few and to feel and see all of them a lifetime might not be sufficient. I too have a long list of places that I need to visit before I take my last breath. And the seed for my curiosity was sown on that day of my first excursion. Although I went to the closest place to my house but that didn’t matter at all. All that mattered and was worthy of was the perspective from which I experienced everything.
That day we went to the village temple, played games underneath the peepal tree, ate snacks together. We smiled, laughed, screamed, played, jumped and did all that our heart said us to do. Childhood was so awesome and carefree. Till the afternoon our parents came there. When I saw my mother, I was so excited to see my mother, that I ran to her and literally jumped over her arms. And she was happy too to see her child enjoying with her school party.

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