6 Mysterious Questions that have no explanation !

The science and the scientific world have done a great progress in answering most of the questions of this world. But still there are many queries that have not yet been answered and many facts that are yet to be explained by science. Here is a list of my top 6 questions cum hypothesis that until now have not been answered!

  1. Human Evolution

According to mainstream Scientists, human species evolved just 10-20K years ago. But the evidences of advanced civilizations, that existed many thousands years ago are their all around the globe, be it the Harrapans, Sumerians, Mayans or Chinese civilizations, they all have physical evidences as the wall encryptions or in texts that their ancestors were more advanced than them. But the problem in accepting this fact is that the mainstreamers don’t want to expand their hypothesis and their level of thinking or maybe they know everything but don’t want to reveal it to the public. But why? Don’t we have right to know more about our past.


  1. Antarctica

Ever since I heard that Antarctica was once situated in the tropics and had lush green evergreen rainforests, but because of tectonic movements it gradually slipped away from the poles, I was fascinated by knowing this fact. If every civilization tells about advanced ancestors and their lands then it is most probable that this continent might have some evidence of some. The continent is always covered by thick layers of ice and the land lies very far deep, so practically we can’t reach the solid ground that easily. So, we can still hope that one day when we would be capable of observing the surface of the continent, we could find remnants of our mysterious past.


  1. India’s Ancient Past

According to the physical evidences brought up by the mainstream archaeologists, the Indus Valley civilization is the oldest past of India. But is it so? According to our sacred texts and mythologies, the ancient city should be Kashi/ Varanasi. Has anyone ever enquired about this theory? And the recent confirmation of Ram Setu which proves that it is man-made and was built 5000 years ago. That means the story of Ramayan is true and so will be its ancient lineage. And then there is no doubt that the time was technologically advanced. Why don’t we enquire all those trails that were left by our ancestors in the form of our sacred texts, verbally transferred stories, and the encryptions over our ancient monuments.


  1. How vast is Space (Brahmand)

The space rather multiverse (as the concept of Universe was replaced by multi by the Space Scientists) is a giant unknown mystery. We humans have not yet discovered the space beyond our galaxy, although there are many findings and theories based on the telescopic studies but still they are not satisfactory. Humans have never ending hunger of knowing about the space and for that many space agencies have set their space probes into the vast infinity. But we have only covered our own solar system until yet. There are many questions related to the space like who created it? How vast is it? Does it has a shape? If it has a shape then what is beyond that shape? And that shape should be over some space. How that space was made? Where is the beginning and where is the end? There must be!


  1. Who are Gods

Each and every ancient civilization talked about having contacts with Gods. Even many, like Indians or Hindus especially, believe that they had contacts with Gods who visited them frequently. They lived in the space or in some other planets/galaxies? But who were they? And how did they come to Earth? Did they have same appearance as humans? Why were they even referred as Gods? Can it be possible that they were aliens and contacted our ancient ancestors. Doubts and questions are many but the answers are none.


  1. Who is the Supreme Power

I call him/her ‘Roshni ka Dariya’ – ‘the source of everything’ There is a source, that is a fact but why we can’t find that source, why we don’t have any explanation that where is it or who is he/she? According to the mainstream scientists and the big bang theory, the multiverse was created from a single source. But from where that source came from? Why that source expanded? How did it look like? How big it was? Where it was? In the empty space? Then from where that space came from? Who created it? Where is the supreme power? I know it resides in every being and everything but what is the source? Where? Why? How?


The endless questions that have no satisfactory answers! There will be a path to know them, but where?

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