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10 Unique Tribal People of the World


Humans have evolved on earth since thousands and millions of years. They settled over various continents and countries and with time created their distinct identities. Living in unique locations they formed tribes and communities with their discrete customs and traditions. In this post let’s have a look on the world’s some of the unique people and their tribes and learn some facts about them.

10 Unique Tribal People of the World

  1. Watusi

Have you ever heard of giants living on earth? Well yes giants lived and are still living in the areas of Chad in Central Africa. The people of the tribe Watusi or Tutsi are known to have a normal height of 7 to 8 feet.


  1. San

The San are said to be the first people or in other sense the ancestors of all the humans. They are also referred as Bushmen, and are inhabitants of Africa. Another interesting fact associated with the tribe is their mutual relationship with the Honey Guide Bird. The bird guides them through the forest to the bee hives to harvest honey which is then mutually shared by the tribe mates and the bird. You can learn more about the stories of this beautiful relation in this book The Honey-Guide Bird: Two Traditional Tales from Africa: Band 12/Copper (Collins Big Cat)


  1. Orcadian
The Ring of Brodgar

The tribe lived in the Orkeny Island of the United Kingdom. They are said to inhabit the island since the Bronze Age. They constructed many marvels including the Ring of Brodgar stone circle whose construction is still a mystery for the world. Learn more about the stone circles in this thoughtful book Orkney Mystery


  1. Hunza

Also known as Burusho, the Hunza people are the residents of Inner North Himalayan regions of Kashmir. They are known to have a healthy lifespan of more than 100 years. There are many research studies carried out on the tribe to know about their surprising health secrets. One such book discussing their health behaviour is Secret To Hunza Superior Health


  1. Maori

Maori are the native inhabitants of New Zealand. The ancestors of the Maori people came to the country from the Polynesian Islands at around 1200 C.E. With time they developed their own culture and tradition on the isolated island. They got their name from the giant flightless bird Moa which lived in the island, which unfortunately got extinct because of overhunting by the Maoris.


  1. Rapa Nui

They were the inhabitants of the Easter Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Rapa Nui people have rich culture and heritage. Their ancestors built the famous Maori giant stone statues which are still a matter of research for many historians and archaeologists. You can unfold the mystery of the island through this thriller book The Easter Island Incident (Unexplained)


  1. Surui

The Surui tribal people live on the Amazon basin. They are known to have used the advanced modern technology for saving their forests and people. They used the Google Earth mapping to spot the trespassers and loggers in their territory. Also they contributed in the Carbon Projects and earned considerable amount through the global projects of Carbon Sequestration. The inspirational work done by the tribal leader is appreciatable and you can learn more about their contributions in this book – Save the Planet: An Amazonian Tribal Leader Fights for His People, the Rainforest, and the Earth


  1. Pashtun

The Pashtuns or Pathans are the residents of Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are known to have strong musculature and sporting excellence. Malala Yusafzai is also a Pashtun.


  1. Uygur

Uygur are an Islamic tribe living in Xinjiang, China. They are said to have migrated from Turkey and Mongolia. They have very well conserved their cultural and traditional heritage in Chinese territory.


  1. Maya
Mayan Pyramid and Settlements

The Maya people and their civilization is no new thing for many. The Maya people inhabited the Meso America. The Mayan civilization has built many advanced cities and pyramid complexes in the Meso American countries. The people of the tribe still have very well conserved their customs and traditions. Unfold the mysteries of Maya civilization in this book – Maya Civilization: A Captivating Guide to Maya History and Maya Mythology (Mayan Civilization, Aztecs and Incas Book 1)


So, this was the list of 10 Unique Tribal People around the World. I hope you had a thoughtful read.




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