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10 Products made by Brutally Killing Animals


There are numerous animal products in the market. Most of them are consumed as food items. But lesser known are those products which are unconsciously used by most of the population without even knowing that they are obtained from animals, by brutally killing or slaughtering them.

The debate of being a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian is never ending, and I’m not going to discuss the thing as there are many people who have already presented valid explanations about the topic. Here I’ll discuss about products or things that are obtained by brutally killing innocent animals.

There is need for us to know that animals too have feelings and they too feel pain and are hurt when someone pulls out their skin, fur or organ. We should consciously stop using these animal products, killing an animal for a human leisure is literally disgusting and inappropriate.


10 Products made by Brutally Killing Animals


Widely used for clothes, jackets, shoes, belts, purses, wallets and various other daily use products, leather has been used since ages by humans.


Source : The process of obtaining leather is the extreme of cruelty on animals. The animals are hanged, beaten and their skins are peeled off. They cry and resist themselves from being butchered but cruel humans chop them off for using their skin to just show off their fashion styles. Most of the animals that are the unlucky chosen ones include cows, pigs, buffaloes, snakes, crocodiles, sheep, lambs, goats, camels, kangaroo, ostrich and every other animal that can’t protect itself from selfish human needs.



This semi-transparent and tasteless product is widely used in various food products like cakes, gellies, candies and various other desserts. It is also used in capsules as their outer coating shells. Now-a-days it is widely used in cosmetics too.


Source : Gelatin is prepared from the collagen obtained from meat, bones and left overs from leather products, generally of pigs, cattle, fish and poultry. Gelatin preparation is a brutal process in which animals are killed, boiled and their body parts are scrapped off.


  1. PEARL

The most beautiful and valued gem in the ornamental industry is Pearl. From white and pinks to blue and black, pearls are one of the costliest products.

Source : Not many people know about the source of Pearls. Most of you might know that pearls are obtained from oysters in the deep ocean. Yes this information is true but not complete. Pearls are formed inside live oysters when a sand particle suddenly enters their body. That sand particle over many years is then steadily converted into a round white shiny substance. But this process is rare in nature, and whatever pearl is obtained from natural process is also rare. Now-a-days, pearls are prepared in captive oyster farms. Forcefully sand particles are thrown inside oysters so that they transform it into pearl. Finally when the pearls are fully formed, the oysters are brutally cut out and killed to obtain the priced ornaments.


  1. FUR

Those beautiful and soft fur scarves, gloves, caps and jackets look attractive and cozy but their back stories are totally opposite.


Source : Furs are obtained from animals like rabbits, foxes, seals, lambs, mink, beavers, cats and dogs. The poor animals are firstly over-fed so that their fur size increase than the normal. Then their furs are brutally snatched and pulled out of their bodies. Sometimes in the process they are killed. Also, the Karakul fur is obtained by killing a newborn Karakul lamb for its curly felt.


  1. SILK

The attractive cloth material, silk is no doubt appealing lustrous fabric. They are widely used in traditional clothing in China, as Indian Sarees and many type of garments worldwide.


Source : Silk threads are obtained from cocoons of Silkworm. The caterpillars of the species Bombyx mori make their cocoon with the help of their saliva to transform themselves to become a moth. But before they achieve their final destination, they are thrown into hot boiling waters by humans. Their silken cocoon gets shredded and they immediately die off. Those silk threads are then used to make the silk fabrics. This brutal process of burning the insect live is literally inhumane.



Yes! The bridal bangles or Chura has made up its entry for this list! The white and red colored bangles are worn by newly wed in North Indian Hindu traditions.


Source : In the earlier times, the traditional chura was made up of ivory obtained from Elephant tusks. Everybody know how ivory is obtained, the innocent animals are poached by hunters for their tusks. Although this is banned but today also illegally elephants are brutally killed for their tusks to make ivory products which are priced in the black markets. Now-a-days chura are also made from plastic rather than ivory.



The insulin is used by diabetic patients worldwide.


Source : Insulins are extracted from the pancreas of pigs and cattle. The animals are killed and their organs are brutally taken out to provide the insulin for the rising demands from Diabetic patients. There are more variants of insulin now from human based to those obtained from plants, but still animal variants are the most widely used.



 Shellac is sticky material used in sealing government documents since British periods in India. Also its use has been documented in Mahabharta. It is used to make bangles and jewellery items. The shellac dye is used in coloring food items like jam, jellies, juices, sauces etc.


Source : Shellac is obtained from Lac insect Laccifer lacca. After mating the female lac insect stick down to the tree branch to lay eggs. Alongwith the eggs it secrets some resins which is actually Shellac. The resin is then scratched from the tree twig along with the female insects, their eggs and young ones by humans.


  1. MUSK

Musk is an aromatic liquid used in perfumes and body products. The musky perfume is one of the most expensive product in the market.


Source: Musk is produced in the male sexual gland of the Musk Deer. The Musk Deer is illegally hunted in the wild to obtain its aromatic pouch. Earlier the deer was hunted to an extent that it was on the brim of extinction, now the use and extraction of Musk from the deer is absolutely illegal. The musk is also obtained from other animals like Muskrat, Musk Duck, Musk Ox.



Thousands of daily use products like detergents, dish soaps, cleaners, air freshners, face-wash, soaps, make-up and medical products are being tested on animals before they are issued a licence for human use.

The products are tested upon Guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, cats, dogs, frogs, monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees. They are given an unfavourable environment to live, injected with harmful substance, exposed to toxic environments and are tortured by testing weird products on their skin, fur, eyes and organs. Most of the times the process is painful and distressing and even sometimes the products prove out to be fatal.


So, this was my list of 10 Products made by Brutally Killing Animals. I hope you gained something from this article.

Nature has given us everything that we need, we got a well developed mind to think and create what we need, and for the sake of humanity we must stop harming other animals for our leisure.

Let’s come forward to stop being irrational and inhumane towards the innocent animals.



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