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10 Common Weeds that Actually have Medicinal Properties


Our gardens, lawns and fields are full of unwanted weeds which we cut-off, pull-off or destroy with weedicides; but lesser we know about the uses and medicinal properties they possess. In this post let’s learn about some of the weed’s/ plant’s miraculous medicinal properties and what positive qualities they have.

10 Common Weeds that Actually have Medicinal Properties

  1. White Clover : Trifolium repens

The most common lawn weed, which we generally cut-off, is actually an extraordinary medicinal plant ignored by us because of our lack of knowledge about it.

White Clover

Medicinal uses :

  • The white clover plant is a very good blood purifier and a blood thinner.
  • Tea prepared from the plant’s blossoms is helpful in cold, fever, and used as eyewash.
  • It’s anti-rhuematic, depurative, antiseptic and analgesic.
  • Ointment prepared from the leaves is used for treating Gout.


  1. Red Clover : Trifolium pratense

A family member of white clover, the red clover weed/plant has much more medicinal properties than its kin.

Red Clover

Medicinal uses :

  • The weed helps in reducing the complications during and after menopause.
  • It helps in improving bone density.
  • The plant extract is helpful to improve the immune system, treat could and respiratory disorders.
  • The decoction of this weed helps in regulating heart problems like high blood pressure.
  • The plant is also helpful in treating skin inflammation, eczema and psoriasis.


  1. Fleabane : Aster : Erigeron annus

Commonly called aster or fleabane, this is a common weed of moist areas and meadows.

Fleabane / Aster

Medicinal uses :

  • The weeds leaves are diuretic and astringent.
  • The leaf decoction is used to treat diarrhoea and edema.
  • The weed infused in oil is used to treat pulmonary and uterine haemorrhages.
  • The seeds and leaves also yield essential oil, which is used for various aromatherapy.


  1. Dandelions : Taraxacum officinale

This beautiful wish fulfilling weed is favourite of children, but unwanted for adults when present in their lawns, fields and gardens. But this plant has so many medicinal properties that one can be forced to value the plant.


Medicinal uses :

  • The whole plant is rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamin C and various minerals.
  • The leaves of the weed are eaten to treat anaemia, scurvy, skin diseases and blood disorders.
  • Also the plant when eaten, improves liver functioning, and digestion.
  • Also, it has proven that the plant helps in reducing cancerous growth.
  • It helps to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.


  1. Chickweed : Stelaria media

Again a very common field weed, this plant has very beautiful and peculiar white flowers.


Medicinal uses :

  • This weed/plant helps in curing skin diseases and reducing menstrual pains.
  • Also it is used for pulmonary diseases.
  • The plant’s decoction along with other herbs is used to cure anaemia.
  • It is also used for curing arthritis and rheumatic pains.


  1. Snakeweed : Euphorbia hirta

This is common weed in gardens and fields in hilly areas. The plant has milky latex which has amazing medicinal properties.


Medicinal uses :

  • The leaf extract of this weed is used to cure bronchitis, cold, cough and asthma.
  • It is used to treat Gonorrhoea and Syphilis.
  • The latex from the weed is used to cure diarrhoea and dysentery.
  • Root decoction is used to treat mouth ulcers.
  • Also the plant extract is used as an antidote for poisonous insect and snake bites.


  1. Beggar’s Tick : Bidens pilosa

This common weed of fields has peculiar pricking achenes that stick to the clothes and hairs.


Medicinal uses :

  • The weeds’ shoots and leaves are used as an ingredient in herbal tea.
  • The herbal tea reduces inflammation, immunological disorders, digestive and infectious diseases.
  • The decoction is proved to reduce cancerous and tumour growths.
  • The tincture prepared from the leaves and stems is used for curing wounds and insect bite.
  • It is anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-ulcerative and anti-malarial – isn’t this plant a miracle!


  1. Stinging nettle : Urtica dioica

Locally called Bichu-butti, this weed is common to moist hilly areas. Regardless of the poisonous stings the plant has, it is also a valuable medicinal plant.

Stinging Nettle

Medicinal uses :

  • The plant can be eaten as a food like spinach and is noted to cure Eczema, gout, anaemia and hay fever.
  • The plant leaves can be used externally to cure joint pains, arthritis and insect bites.
  • When taken in combination to other herbs, the plant is known to cure cold, asthma and different types of allergies.


  1. Milk Thistle : Silybum marianum

A spiky plant with a beautiful pink flower atop is a common weed of fields and gardens. But it has more diverse medicinal properties.

Milk Thistle

Medicinal uses :

  • The plant decoction is used to cure Jaundice and liver disorders, as it maintains the bile production.
  • The plant also cures heartburns and depression.
  • It is also used against allergies, blood disorders and has anti-aging properties.
  • The plant has been proved to cure Cancer, Malaria as it contains flavonoids which are helpful against the unwanted cells.


  1. Night Shade : Makoi : Solanum nigrum

The weed is a wild kin of potato. The plant has black small berries that appear poisonous but none the less they are medicinal.

Night Shade

Medicinal uses :

  • The plant has anti-inflammatory and anti-hepatic properties.
  • The berries are rich in antioxidants and are good blood purifiers.
  • The plant decoction is used normalize the enlarged spleen and liver.
  • Also, the weed is used for measles and to treat chronic fever, itching, eczema and other skin diseases.
  • The leaves and stems are used to treat oral ulcers.
  • Also used for cough and asthma, cardiac pains and arthritis


So, this was my list of 10 Common Weeds that actually have Medicinal Properties. I hope this post helped in increasing your knowledge.

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