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10 Animals with A Single Loyal Life Partner

The wedding season is onn! There are thousands of couples knotting ties for a lifetime. Millions have already been, but only a few hundred prove out to be perfectly matched, truely dedicated and an inspiration for others. I’m not going to discuss about those human couples, but about the animals that have shown an amazing pairing and taught some useful ‘Couple Goals’ to humans.

In this post let’s learn about some of the ‘partners for life’ from the Animal World.

10 Animals with A Single Loyal Life Partner

  1. Swan

The most adorable couple of the animal world, who after mating stick to each other for the rest of their lives. They together raise their children and prove to be a responsible parent too. The male is caring and responsible about the female and his young ones. And when they are separated, they show sadness and anxiety.


  1. Wolf

The wolves make up their lifelong mate at an early age of two. Both live together and raise their babies, care for each other and roam in the woods together. So adorable couple they are.


  1. Barn Owl

These cute birds are rarely seen together but their love calls to each other could be easily observed. They too have a single mate for their lifetime. They prey and bring food for each other and their young ones.


  1. Bald Eagle

This couple teaches everyone a lesson of being faithful in a relationship. The male and female both are dedicated to each other, their love and courtship plays are prominent and adorable. After breeding they make their nests, which are restructured in every season. The couple raise their young ones in the nest.


  1. French Anglefish

This cute and adorable couple stick and hang with each other for most of the times. They swim through the reefs and fetch their prey together. This always together couple definitely teaches us to be with each other in any kind of situation.


  1. Penguins

These lovebirds give a ideal example of a ‘perfect couple’. The Southern Rockhopper Penguins live together for a brief breeding season. Most of the time of the year they are thousands of miles apart, but never they cheat on each other. For a brief time of the year they come together, spend a quality time, raise their off-springs, and like a responsible parent care about their children until they are grown. After each breeding season they see off each other with brave hearts and wait to meet back again.


  1. Albatross

Another couple in a long distance is the Albatross. They live together for a brief breeding time period and then live apart for the rest of the year, again in the breeding season they come together and the process goes on for their lifetime. They are specifically committed to each other and are rarely found cheating on each other.


  1. Termites

It’s definitely surprising to see termites in this list, but the facts have many different colours. Like bees and ants, termites too have three castes – queen, drone and workers. Unlike the other two species, the termite queen mate with a single male throughout her life. They raise their young ones (of different castes) together. They definitely prove to be a couple for lifetime.


  1. Turtle Doves

Doves are a symbol of true love and loyalty since the ages. The turtle dove couple have proved themselves as a perfect ‘made for each other’ thing. They spend their entire lives dedicated to each other, caring for each other and nursing their off-springs.


  1. Black Vulture

Another loyal partnership could be seen in Black Vulture species. They too are bond to eternity. There’s some amazing fact too related to their community; if any community member finds a couple partner cheating on either one, they attack and shoo them off from their locality. This is no doubt a perfect example of a civilized bird community.


So, this was my list of 10 animals/birds with single dedicated partners for lifetime. Unlike animals, humans too are loyal (somehow). We should learn loyalty and commitment from these animals and apply the same in our lives.

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  • Aliya

    Wow, I’ve never knew that. That’s powerful i noticed that a lot of the animals are birds. That’s amazing it seems that birds know the meaning of real love. Great article thanks for sharing.

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